Friday, 13 October 2017

Connecting OSC to the TMC-1

OSC in now available on all versions of the TMC-1 software. Several people have asked how to connect OSC to the TMC-1, below is the diagram from TMC-1 Reference showing how to make the connections.  The only requirement is a Ethernet Server - WiFi or Wired depending on your connection to the tablet.

OSC Wifi Connections

TMC-1 OSC Monitor Controller Connections
The Computer connection is only required if you wish to control your DAW (Protools, Logic, Nuendo...) from the same OSC App on the Tablet. The TMC-1 will forward any commands that it does not recognize to the Computer, TouchOSC Keyboard and Midi commands will be routed directly to TouchOSCBridge on the Computer. If further routing is required you can install Osculator on the computer.

Please check the web first when you need information, I try to keep the web copy of TMC-1 Reference.pdf up to date and add extra information regularly.


  • TouchOSC for you phone or tablet is available from the Apple App Store  for IOS or  Google Play Store for Android.
  • TouchOSC-Editor to design your personal screens  and TouchOSCBridge to control your DAW are available at
  • Osculator OSC routing software is available at

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