Monday, 4 March 2013

CBServer with Harrison Console I/F

The Harrison Console uses the same protocol as CBServer (XMC) until now we have only supported both Harrison and CBServer when using an X4 expansion hub. However there are some systems using just a SR-6. This does not allow for the simultaneous connection on the console and CBServer.

The latest software allows Port E and F to be used for CBServer and Harrison.

Note1: Port E must be configured as an input
Note2: The interface is controlled by Port F, if communication to port F is terminated then port E will also terminate!

Timecode Levels

For most of our products the timecode output is designed for the analog world. The level is fixed at 1.2v Peak to Peak with a 40uSec rise time and  rounded corners in order to minimize crosstalk  Recently we have noticed a number on computer based systems that require a higher level on the timecode output. Where I have fitted a gain resistor this is quite easy, just add a suitable resistor, where this is not possible the simplest solution is to double up the diodes as shown in the diagrams below .  
RM-6 Generator Ouput with two extra 1N4146 Didoes Added

TC-5 Timecode output with R10 = 10K for 6dB gain

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